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the Trade

Discover the palette of industry-leading software we
use to generate insights and deliver value at scale.

Process Simulation
& Mapping

Measuring, analyzing and foolproofing your processes for flawless manufacturing and supply chain execution.

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Data Integration

Intuitive design tools that make complex scripts and high-quality data science & statistics structures a breeze.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Producing crystal-clear, actionable insights with BI tools that track, refine and transform your data.

Business Simulation

Identifying reams of business opportunities while reducing risk, using Monte Carlo and other
specialized simulation methodologies.

Pipeline and Contact Management (CRM)

Increasing revenue, sales marketing & effectiveness with all-in-one CRM platforms. We implement these tools and train client teams extensively to use them.

Artificial Intelligence

Achieving complete dataset control and building prediction engines with comprehensive machine learning tools.

Data Architecture

We leverage existing industry standard data storage platforms to architect data structures that allow for rapid deployment of insights and adoption of new key performance indicators (KPIs).

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